Welcome to Northern Virginia Paleo Arts

Northern Virginia Paleo Arts is a  group of friends who enjoy exploring the tools, technologies and arts of paleo cultures.

While at present we are mostly a flintknapping oriented group, there are efforts underway surrounding cordage, pottery, bowmaking and atlatl use.

You'll find a vast array of knowledge amongst our members as our individual backgrounds are as diverse as our skill levels (complete beginners to the very skilled). All have an interest in the paleo arts and a desire to share that knowledge.

Now that you've found this site and this group of people, take some time to explore, read, learn, listen, and absolutely join in as soon as you can.

NEW! Google Group created for NoVA Paleo Arts. Click and join.

Is it hard to make tools out of stone?

"It's not what you end up with, it's what you learn along the way."

Learning the basics of tool making is easier than you would think. Improvement follows rapidly with practice and interaction with others.